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Deery Funerals prides itself on providing a caring, family run, professional and cost effective funeral service. From £1750*

We will do our utmost to tailor-make your funeral arrangements – during what is, understandably, a very emotional time. We pledge to offer a one-to-one personal service for bereaved family members endeavouring to meet your needs and wishes relating to your loved one.

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Our testimonials and reviews speak for themselves

“David, Thank you so much for all your help during this very distressing time. You have allowed us to concentrate on other arrangements, knowing that Neil’s funeral was being handled with care and compassion. Thank you again!”

Louise Donaldson

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We offer a range of services to make your distressing time easier.

Death registration and legal support
You have 8 days to register a death at any Registrar’s office in Scotland. We will help you through the process.
Coffins and caskets
We can offer you a selection of coffins and caskets that are designed to fit all budgets. Check full selection on Arrange a Funeral page
The mode of transport chosen for that last journey has broadened: an alternative to the hearse has become yet another option which you or your family may wish to consider.
Flowers and jewellery
Flowers can be an important part of the grieving process. Our talented florist can create the perfect arrangement for you.
After funeral services
We will advise you on the choice of memorial masonry, discuss the scattering of the ashes, or help with legal affairs.
Repatriation services
When a loved one passes away outwith Scotland, then Deery Funeral Services can repatriate your loved one home.

What happens when a death occurs?

This section is intended to guide you through some of the things you need to do at this difficult time.

Informing the family doctor.

Obtaining a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death signed by a doctor or, if the Procurator Fiscal is involved, take instructions from the Procurator Fiscal Officers with regards to registration of the death.

Registering the Death.

When someone dies in Scotland, their death can be registered anywhere in Scotland. A death must be registered with The Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages within 8 days, but it is desirable to register the death as soon as possible. In Edinburgh you can register a death at the following offices: (By appointment only.)

When you are registering a death, the registrar will be able to help you with advice about the certificates you might need. Take the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death to the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages, other useful documents that should be taken to the registrar (where appropriate) are the deceased’s National Health Service Medical card or number, National Insurance Number and Birth and Marriage Certificates. Do not worry if any of these documents are not available as the Registrar can still proceed to register the death.

Other information about the deceased the registrar may require includes:

• The full names and addresses of the deceased, occupation and date of birth.
• Name and occupation of widow or widower or, if married more than once, the names and occupations of former wives and husbands.
• The date of birth of surviving spouse.
• The deceased’s father’s full name and occupation, their mother’s full name and maiden surname and occupation.
• The name and address of the deceased’s doctor.
• The address of the person giving the above information.

When you register the death, the registrar will give you free of charge:

• A form 14-Certificate of Registration of Death which should be handed to the Funeral Director taking charge of the arrangements.
• An abbreviated death certificate. If you require a full death certificate for legal purposes, a fee is payable.
• A green certificate which is useful for any transactions with the Department of Work and Pensions.

Please call us or visit our premises for any further help or information

Funeral Packages

We have a selection of packages designed to fit all budgets.

Simple funeral

Bespoke funeral

Childs funeral

Purely cremation

About Deery Funerals

At Deery Funerals we always strive to be the best when it comes to offering funerals. We serve mainly the Edinburgh, South Queensferry and surrounding areas. We always ensure that we provide a service which is personalised and meaningful. With close interaction with the bereaved family, we can attain a strong understanding of the characteristics and personality of the deceased person and provide a service which represents them in the most dignified light.

If you have a family member who has recently passed away, or even if you are looking to get affairs in order for when the time comes, please do not hesitate to get in touch as we are always more than willing to help and offer assistance.

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